Key Facts about SQ805

State Question 805 (SQ805) will create a culture where crime is okay in Oklahoma by reducing penalties for career criminals. With SQ805, habitual offenders of serious crimes will spend less time in prison.  These crimes range from domestic violence in the presence of a child, home burglary, to child trafficking, soliciting sex from a minor using technology, animal cruelty and more.
  • SQ 805 will FOREVER treat convicted felons who repeatedly commit crimes, on any but the most heinous of crimes, to the same sentence range as first-time offenders.
  • SQ 805 is a CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE which prohibits the legislature from addressing any of the myriad of negative consequences SQ 805 will bring.
  • SQ 805 is retroactive and will mandate reduced sentences for many of those currently in prison, disregarding the juries and judges who gave out those sentences.
  • Regardless of if the criminal has been convicted of a felony 20 or more times, under 805, the sentence can never be lengthened or enhanced because of these past actions.
  • NOT THIS CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM. SQ 805 is a misguided effort that even has advocates of criminal justice reform saying it will “haunt the state for decades to come.” In fact, the chairman of our VOTE NO effort is Tricia Everest who has led the charge to make our communities safer through thoughtful reforms that improve rehabilitation.

It's bad policy.

SQ 805 would lock sentence reduction into the constitution, making it extremely difficult and costly to ever change.

Their "second chance" is really their seventh.

A prisoner in Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections has been convicted of, on average, 3.5 charges. The second time they go to prison is most likely the seventh time they have been convicted of a crime.

It freezes the violent crimes list.

SQ 805 specifies that it applies to nonviolent crimes as of January 1st, 2020.

Proponents falsely claim SQ 805 will only address repeat felons who commit drug, property, or non-violent crimes. However, many of the repeat criminals who will benefit commit destructive crimes that harm families, businesses, and communities across Oklahoma. Repeat offenders who commit the following crimes (and others) will see their punishment reduced should SQ 805 become law.
Crimes Against Children
  • Soliciting sexual conduct with a minor through technology
  • Encouraging a minor to engage in drug crimes
  • Transmission of child pornography
  • Use of minors to transport or sell drugs
  • Child trafficking
Public Safety Issues
  • 2nd Degree Burglary (Home)
  • Arson (2nd – 4th degree)
  • Identity theft
  • DUI causing Great Bodily Injury
  • Hate Crimes based on Race, Religion, etc.
  • Indecent Exposure
Domestic Violence
  • Domestic abuse in the presence of a child
  • Domestic violence by strangulation
  • Stalking
Crimes Against Animals
  • Killing or disfiguring a police dog
  • Dogfighting
  • Animal cruelty
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